The range of DDS Calcium Hypochlorite feeders help ensure maximum safety in your swimming pool. The range consists of the DDS Evolution and DDS Evolution Plus and both feeders offer many benefits for leisure pools.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Complete product dilution.
  • Space saving.
  • High chlorination capacity.
  • Does not require dosing pumps.
  • Ideally used with TPX70 Pro Pellets.

TPX70 Pro Pellets are 10g pellets with an anti-scaling additive which delays the scaling/crystallisation of injection lines. Please click here for more information on the TPX70 Pro Pellets.


How does it work?

Each unit comes with a DDS Venturi and a PEV-Evo Board. The pool’s water is collected between the filtration pump and the filter. It is then sent to the DDS-E through the PEV-Evo board, directly to the bottom part of the DDS-E through the security-floating valve. Thanks to the Venturi system the water is sucked out and sent back into the pool circulation system (see installation diagram). This creates a continuous water circulation that keeps the DDS and all its parts clean at all times. When the Controller requires Chlorine the electro valve EV, part of the PEV-Evo board is activated allowing the water, coming from the circulation pump, to enter into the DDS-E through the shower and therefore spraying onto the tablets creating a chlorine solution. The Chlorine solution falls into the tank to the bottom; the existing water further dilutes the solution and through the Venturi system is then sucked up into the pool circulation system. In the tank there are 2 hydraulic safety floaters: the first one (GL1) checks the level of water in the tank and the second one (GL2) controls the quantity of water sent into the shower.






Technical Data & Working Conditions


  DDS Evolution DD Evolution Plus
Product Basket Capacity 25kg 40kg
Diameter 50cm 50cm
Height 90cm 110cm
Weight 9kg 10kg
Temperature  4-35°C  4-35°C
PEV electro valve water supply pressure 0.5-1.5 ATE 0.5-1.5 ATE
PEV electro valve water capacity 350 ltr/hr 600 ltr/hr
Venturi pressure data ≥20% ≥20%
Indoor pool volume 300m³ 1,000m³
Outdoor pool volume 250m³ 800m³