Case Studies

Although the Ceramiflo system is new to the UK pool market, Provital have already successfully installed their ceramic membrane filtration system on many pools across Scandinavia and Australia. Please see the links below for examples of how ceramic membrane filtration has helped other pools.



  • Haslev


  • Skive Hot Water Pool Filter

    Skive Hot Water Pool Filter

  • Alvaston Hall

    2 membrane Ceramiflo - Alvaston Hall

  • Pontardawe swimming Pool 6 membrane Ceramiflo

    6 membrane Ceramiflo - Pontardawe

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

  • Randers 50m Pool Filter

    Randers 50m Pool Filter

  • Skive 50m Pool Filter Back

    Skive 50m Pool Filter Back

  • Marselisborg


  • Skive Spa Filter

    Skive Spa Filter

  • Marselisborg Pool

    Marselisborg Pool

  • Stretford Sports Village 6 membrane Ceramiflo

    6 membrane Ceramiflo - Stretford

  • Skive 50m Pool Filter Front

    Skive 50m Pool Filter Front

  • 8 Membrane Unit

    8 Membrane Unit at Randers



Pools in Denmark have been using this membrane technology for water filtration for a number of years. Here is what a few of them have to say about the difference it has made to their pools....

"The CMF System delivers a stable superior water quality, which gives me peace of mind. With the monitoring system I can read out all the data needed, from where I am" - Benny Kroman, Operation Manager, Marselisborg Centre, Denmark.

"We are really satisfied with the water quality we have achieved, installing the CMF System and our guests benefit greatly from the healthy environment" - Michael Pedersen, Technical Manager, Skive Municipality, Denmark.

 "The ceramic filtration system is a good and well designed water treatment system that performs as promised. Our water quality in the pools is truly superior and the monitoring gives us peace of mind" - Peder S. Jorgensen, Area Manager, Haslev Swimming Pool, Denmark.

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