MembraneThe Ceramiflo filtration system is based on a series of patented SiC ceramic membrane modules, which means we can supply you with a Ceramiflo filter to suit your exact specification. NO pool is too big and we can even add membranes to an existing system should you need to increase the capacity in the future.

The membranes are standardised and built in either corrosion resistant stainless steel (SS316L) or plastic (PP). As a result they are extremely robust and tolerant to high temperatures, aggressive cleaning and have a long life expectancy. High quality pumps, valves and sensors are used to ensure operational stability and longevity.

The standard Ceramiflo range starts with a 2 membrane system, which is suitable for pools that require a 70 m3/h / 308 GPM flow rate. From this point the size of the pool or spa dictates the number of membranes required, all of which filter down to 3 microns with the option of going down to 1 micron if required. The formation of the membranes can be tailored to suit your plant room. For example a 6 membrane system can be manufactured with 6 membranes alongside each other or 3 membranes on each side.

All backwashing is fully automatic and every component of the filtration system can be controlled remotely at the touch of a button on a computer, phone or tablet device. All Ceramiflo filters have a built-in automatic backwash, CIP and back pulse system to ensure that all membranes are kept clean at all times.

  • 02

    2 membrane system

  • 05

    5 membrane system used on small pools and spas

  • 06

    6 membrane system with 3 membranes on each side

  • 08

    8 membrane system commonly used on 25m pools

  • 10

    10 membrane system

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