We offer a comprehensive range of services for swimming pool filters including filter inspections, which involves isolating, draining and opening the filters and inspecting all aspects of the filters. We also provide a filter refurbishment service, which includes removing and replacing the filter media and we also offer a filter replacement service.



Filter Inspections

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) recommends that filters are opened up and inspected internally once a year to ensure that the filter is operating correctly. This is particularly important to ensure that any cryptosporidium which may get into the pool is removed efficiently by the filters. (A sand filter in good condition using the correct level of flocculant will remove 95% of the cryptosporidium ocysts from the pool water.)

Total Pool Chemicals offers a comprehensive filter inspection service which involves isolating, draining and opening the filters and inspecting the following:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing - The wall thickness of the filter vessel is checked in at least six places to ensure the filter structure is thick enough to carry out its duties. Particular attention is paid to the filter sand surface level where corrosion tends to be worst.
  • Sand Beds - The condition of the media is inspected and samples are taken away for analysis if necessary. The surface of the sand is also inspected for evidence of channelling or depressions. This indicates whether the under-drains are working properly. If sand is getting into the pool it is evidence that the bottom collector is damaged and the filter is not filtering properly.
  • Pipework - All external and internal pipework is investigated for leaks and corrosion. The supports are also checked for corrosion and damage.
  • Filter Vessel Surface - The internal filter coating is checked at the top of the filter and to 300 mm below the sand surface.The extent of any damage to the lining and corrosion is noted and photographed. Corrosion is usually worst close to the sand surface level and in the top of the filter.
  • Valves - All butterfly valves, isolation valves, air bleed valves and non-return valves are checked to see if they are passing and are in good working order.
  • Circulation Pumps - All seals are assessed to see if there are any leaks.
  • Filtration Plant Report - A written report detailing the condition of the filter with photographic evidence and recommendations for the repairs required is produced.




Filter Refurbishments

We offer a filter refurbishment services where the following procedures are carried out:

  • Isolate and drain the filters and remove / dispose of the existing media, via skip.
  • Inspect the internal surfaces, collection and distribution systems. In the case of steel filters, the internal surface (above the collection system) to be shot-blasted to SA 2.5 quality, followed by the application of a high build, solvent free epoxy, to a minimum thickness of 1000 microns.
  • Replace the filter collection and distribution systems if required.
  • Load the filters with new filtration media.
  • Refit covers.
  • Following prolonged backwashing (in conjunction with the plant operator) the filters to be re-commissioned.

Access Manways - In order to comply with current Health & Safety legislation, (with respect to confined space access) it will be necessary to replace the existing low level sand removal hatches with larger access hatches.


Filter Replacement

Should your pool filters need replacing due to corrosion or simply being unable to meet modern pool standards we are able to offer a complete replacement service. We are able to supply epoxy lined steel filters manufactured to the highest standards, a full range of GRP filters or our new Ceramiflo ceramic micofiltration system.