We offer a routine maintenance service visit to all pools within a 1.5 hours travelling time of our base in Chester. The frequency of our visits can be arranged to suit your requirements, however a monthly visit is recommended by PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group).

During our visit we perform a number of tasks.

Microbiological Testing

A sample from each pool is taken for microbiological analysis in accordance with PWTAG guidelines. The following tests are carried out at a UKAS accredited laboratory (Feedwater).

  • TVC 22/37
  • Coliforms
  • E Coli
  • Pseudomonas

The complete set of tests takes 3 working days to complete after which we e-mail the local pool management with a certificate of results. If the result shows that any failures have occurred, we also state the necessary action that needs to be taken in order to rectify the situation. Once this is completed, a retest is performed to make sure the problem has been resolved.


Microbiological Testing


Chemical Analysis

Each visit the following chemical levels are analysed:

  • Free chlorine
  • Combined chlorine
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness
  • Poolcure (where applicable)
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Balanced Water

Once again the results of the analysis are examined to ensure all the levels are correct. Our objective is to work with and provide support for your staff to enable you to provide the best quality water possible. When problems occur we will work with you informally and train your staff to improve the day to day running of the pool.





Maintenance Checks

Each month our staff perform a thorough maintenance check on all dosing pumps and controllers to ensure the running of the pool is as smooth as possible. These checks include:

  • Check dosing pumps, tanks, and delivery pipe work operation and carry out minor repairs if appropriate.
  • Replace dosing pumps, which need further repair with appropriate spare pump. (We will quote for repair or replacement pump)
  • Clean chemical injector and replace if necessary.
  • Check chemical controllers clean probes and recalibrate if required.


Plant Room Inspection

Each visit a comprehensive plant room inspection is carried out to ensure everything is running efficiently. This inspection contains the following checks:

  • Pool records to ensure pool testing has been carried out and correctly recorded.
  • The results are within parameters and any appropriate corrective action taken.
  • The testing equipment to ensure it is clean and the reagents to ensure they are suitable for use.
  • Check plant room safety and tidiness.
  • Check that pool and other chemicals are labelled and stored correctly.
  • Ensure that the plant room and storage areas are secure if not in use.
  • Personal Protective Equipment

As safety is an important factor in the pool industry, each month we can check all safety equipment is functional and readily available. We also check that the equipment is correctly stored and implemented in the correct manner. After examination the necessary advice is passed on to ensure that all safety procedures are fully operational.



At the end of each visit we produce a written report to the centre manager highlighting any important points to note from the visit. We will also arrange an annual meeting where the service provided and the impact on the service delivered by the pools to its customers will be reviewed. Microbiological results will be emailed as soon as results are received.